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Goodbye 2013

Y’all, I’m beyond ready to say goodbye to 2013.  I can honestly say that this has probably been the most difficult year ever.  I thought 2013 would be awesome, because my favorite number is 13 (lol).  But honestly?  It has pretty much sucked. 

My parents split and divorced.  My dad went a little coo-coo….He got engaged….He had a heart attack…..Had a stint put in because he had 95% blockage in his “widow-maker.” 

Y’all, I’m a daddy’s girl – that stuff alone about killed me.  Add to it some other issues and I’m ready for this year to be over.  Seriously.  I know this is the season of Joy and Giving, but I feel like everything has been sucked out of me.  Can we just get this month behind us (the first Christmas where my dad wont be there for our normal Christmas traditions) and get started with 2014 already? 

Oh, and as if this month isn’t stressful enough, I’m having a minor surgery in two weeks.  The plus side?  I get to stay home for a few days and watch movies (at least that’s the plan).  I really hope y’all had a great year, but if you don’t mind, can we just fast forward to January?


Midweek Randoms

  • First, thank you to Lindsay from Chasing the Kenyans and to Michael R. for donating to my St. Jude’s donation page!  I think it’s really awesome that I’m getting donations from my internet friends and it just makes me smile so big knowing that although we’ve never met – y’all are there to support me!  Thank You!
  • Official half marathon training begins next week!  I’m excited, but also really wishing the weather would turn to fall-ish soon.  :)
  • I’m also excited because Scentsy transition month starts tomorrow and I have a consultant signing up under me!  (I know y’all don’t understand and probably don’t care, but I’m happy!)
  • Last but certainly not least…  I ALMOST GOT BITTEN BY A COPPERHEAD SNAKE ON A RUN SUNDAY NIGHT!!!!  I was doing my usual loop and was on my last lap around it and I was admiring the sky… Well, I just happened to look down and right directly by my foot was about a 3 foot long copperhead snake.  His mouth was open and his body was coming up!  His mouth was right by my ankle – I screamed loudly, jumped, and ran really fast in the opposite direction and finished my run.  I am so, so lucky that I didn’t get bitten.  I was about half a mile from home and I had my phone with me, but it still would’ve been a really bad experience and it scares me to think of what could’ve happened.  Tonight was my first run since then (more like walk but whatever) and you better believe I was scanning the ground at all times!!

Hope y’all have a great week so far!  Don’t give up – we’re almost to Friday!

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Bring Back My Bar

I usually don’t post a lot about Scentsy on here, but I thought I’d start sharing monthly specials and what not.

For the entire month of July (which is ending soon), you can order the Bring Back My Bar Scents.  These are scents that have been retired, but are back for a very limited time (this month).  If you’d like to order any of these scents, please feel free to head on over to my website (



My personal favorites are Flirtatious, French Kiss, Hawaiian Paradise, My Wish, and Spring Clean.


If you have any questions or you’re curious about becoming a consultant, please leave me a comment or email me.

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