GymPact & My Running

I’ve been running three times a week now for three weeks.  This is a miracle for me in July – seriously.  I owe it all to one app that a friend introduced to me – GymPact.  Basically, you get paid when you meet your goal and when you don’t meet it you pay $5 for every day you skipped.


Let me explain that a bit better…

I made a goal or pact to go to the gym or run (with RunKeeper) three times a week.  For each week that I meet that goal, I get paid about $1.32 or so.  If I only go two days out of three, then I pay in $5.  If I miss two days, it’s $10…and all three is $15.  Luckily, I’ve not missed any days so far!  This app has kept me motivated to run/go to the gym.


I never thought I’d ditch my Garmin and run with my phone, but since I have to use RunKeeper with this app, I’ve done just that.  But, what I didn’t expect is that I actually really like RunKeeper!  I like that I can see my route right there on my phone, see my splits, and that the app talks to me every 5 minutes.  But, what I really like is that it allows me to run and keep my pact with GymPact.  🙂


No, none of this is sponsored – I’m not that cool.  I really just wanted to share what has been motivating me to run lately.


Now, on the running front… I’m still not back to where I am when I’m routinely running, but I’m getting there!  I’m also getting a little used to the heat and humidity – finally!  I usually run around sunset and I’m drenched in sweat!


2 thoughts on “GymPact & My Running

  1. Wooooohoooo! I’m glad you like gympact! I think it has been great so far (except for my little issue this week!) and I adore Runkeeper! I think about getting a Garmin but with Runkeeper it doesn’t make much sense to spend the money!

  2. Love this pictures in this post, and I especially love the dinosaur one! Haha! That would definitely get me to pick up the pace as well! 😀 Thank you so much for the super motivating and sweet comment!!

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