Summer Running

Every summer I vow not to let myself get discouraged and quit because of the brutal summer heat…and every summer I quit for a few months. This summer has been a little bit different. This summer I haven’t went months without running, I’ve went one month. I’ve ran here and there, but nothing major.

Like tonight, for instance.

It’s over 90 degrees and I have no idea what the humidity is, but it’s up there. But, I needed to get a run in for my GymPact (this is an app that I hope to talk about soon, it’s awesome). So, I went outside and turned on my RunKeeper app (another app I’ve fallen in love with – who knew I’d not wear my Garmin on some runs and instead use my phone?!).  My goal was to run as much as I could without stopping to walk (I did take walk breaks) and to see how far I could get in 30 minutes.

The result? Not that far and not that fast. But, I did it. 

I know that the pace will come the more that I run.  I know that the cooler the temperatures get, the easier it will become.  I know that the more that I run, the better I will become.

Even though running in the summer sucks and you feel like you’re the slowest turtle out there – don’t give up!  Take your time and put the distance in – whatever it may be!


One thought on “Summer Running

  1. Whenever I am training in the brutal heat and humidity of an Arkansas summer I remind myself that in a few short months something will click and suddenly running faster will feel easier and more natural. Right now even an “easy” run feels draining. I know soon it will pay off (it has every fall) but boy is it tough- in the moment. Hang in there!!

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