Tomorrow Is The Day!

Tomorrow morning is my 4th half marathon.  I’m nervous and excited.  I have NO idea what to expect.  I’ve done all of my runs by myself and I typically run terrible when I’m alone.  But, when I’m in a group or surronded by people, I usually do much better.  So, we’ll see what happens tomorrow.

My current PR is 2:45.  I really, really want to beat that tomorrow, but with the runs I’ve been having that won’t be possible – unless I push it.  My plan?  To push it.  Balls to the walls from go.  I’ve always thought that was a terrible idea because you run out of gas, but right now I feel like a caged animal and I’m ready to run with people and try my best.  So, that’s what I’m gonna try to do.

Something else that has me nervous?  The temperature.  It never fails that this week is always the week when central Arkansas goes drastically cooler.  Yesterday’s high was 85ish.  Tomorrow’s high is 60.  No joke.  My original plan was to run in shorts and a tank, but now I’m rethinking the tank.  Last year it was 38* at the start and I was in shorts and a shirt and I was pretty comfortable once I started running.  I’m just not sure if the tank will be too much this go round.  I’ve ran all of my long runs in a tank and that’s just what I’m comfortable in – but I don’t want to freeze!!

So, I guess we’ll see what I decide in the morning.  I might jump back on here and post my outfit for tomorrow if I have time.  Today’s to-do list consists of grocery shopping, making No Bake Cookies, and updating my iPod.

Hope y’all are having a great Friday!  Please wish me luck or send me up a positive and “fast” thought!


3 thoughts on “Tomorrow Is The Day!

  1. You did so great! I wish we lived closer so we could run together!!!

    Do you guys ever do the throwaway shirt? Here if you were a longsleeved shirt at the start and toss it along the road, someone will pick it up and donate them all. That’s what I did and it worked like a charm. I wore it for about 1 mile (ha!) because it was about 35 degrees when we started but it warmed up to almost 70 by noon!

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