Coming UP

A brief post bc my laptop is about to die and I’m too lazy to get up and plug it in…

I’m running the Color Run in MEMPHIS this weekend.  This will be my first out of state race ever.  I’m going with a friend and our husbands – I’m really excited.  Since we’re both training for the half marathon at the end of this month, we’re not hoping for PRs.  This will be a slow and FUN run!

That’s right, Half Marathon is at the tail end of this month!  Eeek!  No idea how it’s going to go.  I’ve done all of my training runs solo, which is totally new for me.  I’m hoping that I’ll be a tad faster on race day since I do better with people around me.  Also, hubs has a stress fracture and is out.  😦

March brings my first full marathon….as long as I don’t get hurt before then.  Also another first?  Training in the winter months – I usually quit running after October, no joke.

Also… I’m alive and well on  Seriously, look me up and join my challenge.  My profile can be found at   (I believe.)  I may not blog, but I ALWAYS put in my runs on there.  🙂


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