Starting Over

I seem to be great at starting over.  Seriously.  Yesterday was day 1 of training.  There was an easy-peasy 2 miles on schedule.  Totally doable.  Right?  Um, it took me 27 minutes and I hated the last 15 minutes of it.  It started out great.  Then, I got to .7 and things went totally downhill.  So, I guess instead of operating training for a half marathon/marathon, we shall call this operation starting over.  🙂  Good thing is, I’ll have a lot of time to dedicate to it now that school is almost OVAH! (FRIDAY!FRIDAY!FRIDAY!)

Random note:  Today, 8 years ago, I got married to the exhusband.  See – I told ya I was good at startin’ over 😉


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