Remember That One Time…

July has been hectic.  Heck, this entire summer has been hectic.  And thankfully, it’s drawing to an end.  I graduate in less than 2 weeks.  Although, I can’t really find happiness in that yet.  Why?  Let’s use bullets, mkay?

  • I have a presentation tonight.  I hate presentations.  To make matters worse, one of my group members just landed herself in the hospital.  She sent an email saying she’ll live, but wont be there tonight to present.  I emailed our teacher to see if we’ll still present, but he’ll never email me back.  Awesome.
  • I have a test on Thursday.  I’ve read one chapter out of four so far, because I’ve been preparing for this dreaded presenation (and paper that goes with it).
  • Next Tuesday we have a case analysis due.  He hasn’t given us our cases yet.  I bet you can guess what I’m doing this weekend?
  • Then Thursday night we have our final.  Over what, I have no idea, because this man’s syllabus is missing all kinds of information.
  • Then on glorious Friday night, I’ll walk across the stage and receive my MBA (actually, a plastic thing that will eventually hold my MBA, when it comes in the mail in say…September).

So, with all of that, I’ve ran 5 miles this month.  FIVE.  Oh my word.  I think that’s the least I’ve ever ran in a month.  My yearly total so far?  76.   Yikes.  Seriously, I’ve been busy.  Not onto even bigger news…

We start half marathon training the Saturday morning after graduation.  Then, THEN we’ll move into MARATHON training.  Y’all, we’re biting the bullet – we (hubs and I) are running the 2013 LITTLE ROCK MARATHON!!!  I’ve never ran a marathon before!  YIKES AND YAY!  🙂 😀

And guys, thanks for sticking with me. 


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