May & June Numbers


miles run: 13

other workouts: none


miles run: 13

other workouts: 2 leg workouts using weights!

I “ran” into a friend yesterday while going on a 4 mile walk (yes, I said walk) and we talked about how neither of us have ran in what seems like forever.  Then, she said something.  She said that she doesn’t really run that well/often unless she’s training for something.  That’s when it hit me – I’m the same way.  I need a goal!  Well, with class (my very last one) starting next week, my goal is to do at least the 13 miles that I’ve been doing. 

After that?

The hubs and I are registered for the Soaring Wings Half Marathon in October (we’re also registered for the Memphis Color Run 5k in October, too).  So, starting RIGHT after I graduate in August, I’ll begin training!  Woohoo!  I’ll have a training schedule, free time, and maybe some cooler temps not long after that!  So, there you have it. 


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