Women Can Run 5k Results

 All things considered, I’m a very happy girl!  We had mexican food for dinner on Friday night (big no-no), I got to bed at 11:30 and woke up at 6am (so tired), and I haven’t been running.  Plus, it was icky out there – it had been raining all morning!  So, imagine my surprise when I did better than I’ve done in YEARS at a 5k. 

21 Shannon T      108  30   36:33 11:48 

And for your viewing pleasure, this beauty was taken of me at the finish line.  LOL  I can’t believe I’m actually posting this, but if I can’t laugh at myself…. And notice my hair band?  I have no idea why it’s practically on my forehead!



4 thoughts on “Women Can Run 5k Results

  1. You did great!!! 🙂 Awesome!!! I hate hair bands. I have yet to find one single brand that will stay put on my head. Maybe I have an odd shaped head!!

  2. chasingthekenyans says:

    The photo isn’t bad although the hair band does make you a little special 😉 congrats on your 5k time!

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