2 Miles!

So, as you all know, I’ve started over with running.  My main goal is to run without walking.  Well, so far, I’ve done pretty well with running 1 mile without taking a walk break – which I’m very happy about.  But yesterday, I was feeling pretty peppy before going out and I told hubs that I was going to go for 2 miles without taking a walk break.  I went outside and started up my Garmin, and it was completely dead.  Which, I had just charged it…so I’m hoping a reset will fix it.  So, I went back in and got our spare Garmin – yes, we have a spare and it’s a long story, ha ha!  Anyways, back to the story line here….

Ladies and gents, I did it!  2 miles and no walk breaks!!  My time wasn’t too shabby either – 23:34! 

I told myself that I didn’t care what my time was – the goal was to not stop till 2 miles.  And, that’s what I did!  Towards the end, I felt like a snail, but I kept moving! 

Now to clear up any confusion, when I posted that I did 3 miles this weekend – that had walk breaks thrown in there.  🙂


3 thoughts on “2 Miles!

  1. chasingthekenyans says:

    Ok you make me feel better admitting to the walk breaks 😉

    Maybe I need to HTFU like you and just do 2-mi without stopping! Maybe I’m being a big old’ baby about it. Haha.

    Way to go! Lets keep it up together 🙂

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