Weekly WeighIn

Beginning Weight:  148 pounds
Week 1:  146.4 pounds
Week 2:  145 pounds
Week 3:  145 pounds
Week 4: Scale Battery DEAD
Week 5: 143.6 pounds
Week 6: 142.4 pounds
Week 7: 143.8 pounds

This morning:  143.8

I’m not sure what week this is, to be honest.  I’ve been hanging out at 143-144 for a while now.  This morning, it was 143.8 exactly again.  I’ll take it.  At least I’m not gaining, right?

I do really great eating until I get home.  Dinner?  That’s great, too.  It’s after dinner that I sabotage my “diet.”  I do it to myself.  I’ve been making brownies and cookies each week, for no apparent reason other than we want them.  And well, I end up eating most of them.  Boooooo!  So, if I could just get that under control, I think I’d see the scale move just a tad!


2 thoughts on “Weekly WeighIn

  1. LOL, I’m totally not laughing at you – just laughing that we have the exact same issue in our house. A batch of cookies gets 80% ate by me, every time (and I used to be totally ambivalent about sweets – WTH?!).

    You’re right – maintaining is much better than gaining! Maybe try switching up your type of workouts this week, just to shock your body a bit?

  2. chasingthekenyans says:

    What if you made the cookie dough batter and put it in the freezer. Then when you and hubby want a cookie – take 1-2 out each and pop in oven. Fresh cookies without the urge to eat 14 of them 🙂

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