Happy Wednesday to ya!  I’m seriously over the moon happy that it’s getting closer to Friday.  Last weekend flew by and I’m ready to ENJOY and RELAX this weekend!  We’re thinking about maybe hanging around at the lake all weekend.  It’s still too cold to swim, but that doesn’t mean I can’t work on my tan, right?  Especially since I’m not fake baking this year!! 😀

I wanted to say a BIG thank you in response to yesterday’s post!  I had two people (one that I don’t know) buy Scentsy items yesterday.  That commission will go straight to Amber and her family.  Of course, my husband and I will add money to that.  So please, let’s help this family out!  Becky posted today that she’s not sure that the husband’s life insurance policy had taken affect yet since he JUST switched jobs.  Can you imagine?  Losing your husband, raising two boys on your own, and then having to worry about money?  😦 Makes my heart break!!!


One thought on “Thoughts

  1. Okay I know we’re neighbors, and I’ve emailed you like 4 times and I guess it isn’t going through for some reason, so..I’ll just leave a comment telling you I’m not ignoring you!

    If my life ever gets in a routine, we need to go for a walk/jog sometime soon!

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