Weekly Weigh-In

Beginning Weight:  148 pounds
Week 1:  146.4 pounds
Week 2:  145 pounds
Week 3:  145 pounds
Week 4: Scale Battery DEAD
Week 5: 143.6 pounds
Week 6: 142.4 pounds

Y’all I’m so happy this morning!  I haven’t seen 142 pounds in atleast 6-8 months!  This means I’ve lost almost 6 pounds!  Yes, it’s taken me 6 weeks, but who cares?!  I’ve not been exercising hardly at all and I’ve indulged more than I should – so 6 pounds is huge for me!  Now, only 7 pounds until I meet my goal week!!


5 thoughts on “Weekly Weigh-In

  1. 1# per week means you’re making a LIFESTYLE change that is something you can continue on into the future. Losing 6# in 6 weeks is perfect!! Congrats!

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