3 Things Thursday

  1. I’m running the Little Rock Marathon 5k this weekend!  It’s been a while since I’ve ran any distance at all and even longer since I’ve ran a 5k race.  I’m just hoping for under 40 minutes.  Is that bad?
  2. It’s finally March!  I feel a little bit relieved.  You should see my planner – February and March look horrendous!  But at least I have one of the hard months over with, now onto March!
  3. I’m torn… Should I spend all weekend studying for a Finance midterm or should I take a personal day next week before my test?  I definitely have the days, but I hate spending them on school.  But on the flip side, I feel like I haven’t spent good quality time hanging out with my husband because of stupid school.  Thoughts?

2 thoughts on “3 Things Thursday

  1. I would spend a little time studying this weekend and take the day off before. Then, you can spend quality time with your hubs this weekend and not feel like you have to study hard all day long on your off day, too!

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