Odds & Ends

Wanna see why people come all over to run the Little Rock Marathon?  Um, it’s the world’s largest medal. 

Marathon Medal. This is not me.

Wow, right?  I’ll be running the 5k with my neice. 🙂  It gets a medal, too…just not that big!

It’s snowing here right now.  We never ever get snow.  Yippie!  Too bad I’m working today…and it probably wont stick.

We went to the Razorback Basketball game this weekend.  We beat S.Carolina.  It was SO much fun!  We even got to see the “40 Minutes of Hell” that ESPN produced.  Nolan Richardson, Scotty Thurman, and a lot of other former players were there.  It was really cool.

Yesterday we took our dogs on a 3 mile walk around the neighborhood. We found a lot of new paths to go on and I think the dogs really enjoyed it, too!


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