Our Friday Night

Our Friday night was a little different than usual.  You see, we knew that we’d be leaving for Tunica the next day, so we had a few things to do before we left.  In the hub’s world?  Get to the deer lease and make sure there is plenty of corn in the feeder and check our game camera.

So, at 5:30pm, we made our way to the deer lease.  We arrived there around 6:30pm and it was pitch black dark and we were in the middle of the woods.  I clearly didn’t think this through.  Y’all I’m a scaredy cat in the dark.  Then add to it that we are in the middle of nowhere deer woods…and I’m terrified.  But, one more thing.  You see that hog up there in the picture?  That thing weighs close to 250 pounds and isn’t just a nice little friendly piggy.  No sir, it’s a mean crazy hog and will try to eat you (I promise).  Now, add in the fact that we have pictures of him and his larger friend on our game camera where it’s like 7pm and their eating in the exact spot where we were going.  Um, yes, I was a huge scaredy cat!

So, we got on our 4wheeler and away we went.  You can believe I was scouting the area and PRAYING that there would be no hogs, bears, spiders, snakes, or anything else that could cause bodily harm.  Plus, praying that our 4wheeler didn’t get stuck in the mud or break down, etc.  ha!  Anyways, we got to the site and I scouted the area with my flash light while hubs changed out our game carmera card and refilled the feeder with corn.  Then, off we went!  No hogs in sight!  The only animals that I saw the entire time were about 8 deer.  Thank Goodness! 

So, that was our Friday night! 🙂  How was yours?


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