Three Things Thursday

  1. School is a tad overwhelming at the moment.  I think my Legal class will be just fine, but finance….not so much.  This semester I’ll have 2 papers and 3 presentations.  Awesome. 
  2. One day (probably next year), I want to do a few half marathons in different states.  So, I’m asking y’all, what half marathons are a must do?  I think it would be fun to make a mini-vacation out of it and run in a new area!
  3. Last night I was going to do a mini run on the treadmill at the gym while hubs worked out.  One slight problem.  I forgot to put on the appropriate socks.  I made it around half a mile before I stopped in pain.  That little part of your ankle at the back of your foot?  Bleeding.  Both ankles.  Needless to say, that run became a walk.  Hey, it’s still exercise, right?  Lesson learned.

15 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday

  1. Sorry that your ggiong to have a busy semester at school. The good news is you’re almost done. Can’t wait to hear about your half marathon adventures. My goal is to make a 5K. I’ve done them before, but only by walking the whole. Hopefully, the one I’m doing in May will be a little better. THe weather is decent today so I will be ging outside to exercise. I’m just telling you so that I will be accountable for it. 🙂

  2. You should come do the Chickamauga Battlefield Half Marathon. It is always in November. It has been listed on Runner’s World list of the best half/full marathons. You run all through the battlefield and it is about 15 mins from Chattanooga, TN. There is so much to do in Chattanooga from the TN Aquarium to Rock City and so many, many good places to eat downtown! 🙂

    The race has a website if you google it, too!

  3. Yikes! What socks were you wearing to tear up your ankles so bad?!?!?

    Of the half marathons I’ve done I can’t say any of them were all that overwhelmingly awesome, but I think Gasparilla in Tampa puts on a one heck of a fun party to make the race worthwhile.

    Also, I have tagged you for a little blog meme if you’re up for it! Happy Friday!

    • I have to confess, they were COTTON ankle socks that I had worn that day. I forgot to change into the normal socks that I run in. I guess when I started sweating, the sock started to slip down (?) and that caused my shoes to rub. And of course I’ll do the question thing – I love those!

  4. Hi! I just followed the 11 Randoms link over from Caution: Redhead Running and found you. 🙂 I’m a West Coast girl, so the halfs I’ve done are not terribly convenient for you, but if you’re looking to travel, I really loved the San Francisco Half (1st half–there are two, but the second is less scenic)–you run along the waterfront, and across the Golden Gate Bride. It’s hilly, so it’s probably not a PR course, but it’s so pretty!

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