Tuesday Tidbits

  • We had the best weekend!  We got to see family that we don’t see too often on Saturday.  Then on Sunday, we went down to the deer lease and rode our 4-wheeler and shot pistols.  I love days like that! 
  • I’m over the moon happy that Alabama beat LSU!  I was the only one in the office rooting for Bama!  Roll Tide 🙂
  • School starts back this week.  I’m not thrilled, but ready to get this semester over with.  This will be my last spring semester and the last time I take 2 classes at once. 
  • My eBay side gig is going great!  I’ve sold a lot of stuff already this month – including my text book from last semester.  I made three times what the book store was going to give me.
  • I’m writing it down here, so that I’ll be held accountable.  I’m going to work out tonight!  I haven’t been to the gym since Thursday!  Boo!

One thought on “Tuesday Tidbits

  1. What a fun weekend! I, too, am happy that Bama won. They deserved it and Nick Saban did too. My goal is to work out tonight, too. Hopefully, I can stay motivated.

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