3 Things Thursday

  1. I’m super duper excited that Grey’s comes back on tonight!  YAY!  Seriously, it’s been way too long.  Which leads me to another point, I just realized that I have class on Thursdays starting next week.  This makes me so very sad!!!  I’ll have to DVR and watch on Fridays!
  2. I’m back on DailyMile (under the name Shannon Trickey, yes, I just gave you my name, don’t stalk me and kill me, k??).  I tried to delete my old profile and start over, but DM hates me.  Like, seriously, hates me.  So, I’m at -12 miles right now.  Seriously, how can I have a NEGATIVE 12 miles?? 
  3. I also changed my name on Twitter.  I’m now strickey81.  If you follow me already, it should’ve updated w/o a hitch.

4 thoughts on “3 Things Thursday

  1. Alright, I am on my schools varsity soccer team, and we are not the biggest team in Arkansas. We won state last year, and expect to win it again. I am a starter, and I want to be at the top of my game when the school season starts. I am about 130 pounds and 5′ 10″. I am pretty skinny, and I have tried to work out to build muscles, but nothing has seemed to help me gain speed or power in soccer. I was wondering if there are some specific training I can do to gain more power and speed. I am a cross country runner as well, so I have the endurance to do something tough.
    So basically I want a work out that is going to push me to the limits each and every day. I woudl love to become a quicker player out on the pitch.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated, Thanks.


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