Weekend Run Down

We’re using bullets today.  It’s one of those days. 😉

  • We took the niece and nephew to Playtime Pizza (think Chuck E Cheese, but better) on Friday.  Then, to Best Buy and home to watch Spiderman.
  • Saturday morning we did the Jingle Bell Run with them.  I did the 1 miler with our almost 7 year old nephew (he did awesome, btw) and the hubs did the 5k with the 13 year old niece.  It was both kids’ first race and they both did so well.  Seriously, the niece came in at 37 minutes and was smiling.  We’re definitely going to do this again.
  • Saturday night, we were lazy and then FINALLY put the Christmas tree up. 
  • Sunday was laundry, groceries, and then dinner at my parent’s house.  My little niece is growing into such a cute chunky monkey!  She’s adorable and has started to coo.  It’s just the cutest thing!

Y’all I was such a slacker and didn’t get out my camera once!  I’m hoping someone will post pictures from the race – we took a group picture – so I can steal it. LOL  I’ll try to get a picture of the Christmas tree sometime this week – it’s nothing fancy like y’alls, but it’s still pretty.  But, I can’t make any promises that it will be this week since I have my paper & presentation due tomorrow night…then a final next week.  Ick.


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