Slight Problem

Y’all I have a slight problem.  It’s nothing of huge concern, but it’s a little bit frustrating to me.  I have a presentation to give at school Tuesday night.  I have to dress up.  So, I try on my black dress pants this morning and they’re a little snug.  Y’all I used to wear these pants to work everyday two years ago.  And now they’re snug?!  I know I’ve gained a few pounds, so that really didn’t surprise me, although it did make me a little sad.

All of that to say, I will not buy another size up.  I have until Tuesday to make them a little less snug.  So, I’ll be hitting the gym each night.  Watch out pants, you WILL fit.  I’m determined!


4 thoughts on “Slight Problem

  1. I hate that! I know the number doesn’t matter, but it physically pained me to purchase work pants in the next size up. I will say, I’m much happier now that my zipper isn’t digging into my belly.*

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