Some New Things

I tried the new Optic White toothpaste from Colgate.  It’s awful.  It’s really thick at first – like brushing your teeth with cement.  Then, it tastes AWFUL.  It seriously tastes like you’re brushing your teeth with chemicals (and I guess you are).  And then, this morning I cut the inside of my mouth while brushing my teeth – I’ve never done this before and I’m wondering if it’s the toothpaste?!  Not a fan.


I bought a book off eBay that I think EVERY female needs to read.  Seriously.  It’s called “Taking Charge of Your Fertility.”  Now, don’t run away just yet.  Even if you’re not trying to get pregnant – this book is still from you.  It tells you SO MUCH about  your body that you’re probably unaware of.  Seriously, I learned more from reading this book (which is written like you’re talking to your girlfriends) than I did in any sexEd class or from talking to my mother. 

Honest to goodness – I feel so much better about my body right now.  I used to think that my body was a freak show because it didn’t have cycles of 28 days and ovulate on day 14.  I used to think that the different “things” that happened during my cycle was abnormal and when I talked to my gyno about it, she would just say it’s normal and then not explain anything.  This book explains EXACTLY what you’re body is doing and puts it in words that you can understand.  I just can’t tell you how important this book is to the female gender as a whole.  And, if you’re trying to have a baby – this book is so helpful in knowing WHEN to try.

I just wanted to share a little bit of info that I read last night.  We all know that you can only conceive when ovulating.  We’ve all heard that a man’s swimmers can survive for days.  This is partly true.  The thing is they’ll only survive IF you have a certain cervical fluid – meaning, the cervical fluid you have a few days (or maybe one day) around the time you’re ovulating.  Otherwise, the swimmers will die within a few hours of entering the woman’s body.  I didn’t know that and neither did my husband.  Sure, you might have cervical fluid at “game time”, but if it’s not THE cervical fluid that is produced around ovulation – those bad boys will die.  It’s information like this, that I want to scream from the rooftops to go buy that book. 

I also know of a few bloggers who were deemed infertile by their doctors, but didn’t want to go the fertility treatment route.  They bought this book and within a few months – they were pregnant.  Seriously.  It has that much helpful information in it to make it to where you KNOW what your body is doing – and that is an awesome feeling.


8 thoughts on “Some New Things

  1. Good information! I’ll be checking that book out. I’m convinced I’m going through premature menopause because I’m feeling got all the time. Maybe the book will have some answers….thanks for recommending.

  2. That book is 100% the most important, informative book I have EVER READ IN MY LIFE (and I read a lot). If I have a daughter, I will 100% be having her read it once she hits the age of learning about menstruation, etc. It’s a crying shame it’s not taught in school at the same time they teach you about tampons and safe sex. I was absolutely amazed that I could be a smart, well-educated woman in my late 20s and not have a CLUE about so many basic function that were happening in my body. I’m glad you found it too!

  3. I don’t want kids, but this still sounds like a worthwhile read! Always good to know what’s going on with your body (and I have no real clue how all that works – all sex Ed taught was cycle once a month yada yada). This book sounds good for trying to have kids and to educate for smarter sex when you’re not trying. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hmm, how interesting. I have a friend that has been trying to get pregnant for over a year now and hasn’t had any luck. It’s taking a toll on her marriage, for sure. I should suggest this book for her.

    I LOVE that toothpaste!! I just got it a couple weeks ago and I think it really makes my teeth whiter!

  5. Unfortunately, the book forgets to mention that not every single woman has a basal body temperature peak. I charted forever and never once got a temperature chart the made any sense, even the cycle when I got pregnant. It’s a great book, though, and I think the explanations of the hormones and the biology of the menstrual cycle are really well written.

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