3 Things Thursday

  1. I’m alive!  Long time, no post, huh!?
  2. My husband is on a plane home from Vegas as I type.  Longest.Week.Ever.  And no, not because I’m all mushy gushy.  Because this week has sucked and I’ve had to battle it alone.  So glad he’s on his way back!!!
  3. While he was away, I managed to finish “The Girl Who…” series and “The Help.”  Great books.  Loved them!  I’ve also managed to eat Mac&Cheese (homemade) for dinner too many times and take 2 hot baths in our jaccuzi tub.  Loveddddd it!

4 thoughts on “3 Things Thursday

  1. Ohhh, alone time! 🙂 I can handle that for about 1 night at a time and then I start to pull my hair out. Josh’s schedule has been so flip flopped around the holidays that he’s off Sunday-Saturday this week. But he has to work Christmas Day. 😦 I better enjoy my time with him when I can!!

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