One Mile

Yesterday I decided that it was time to run again.  I hadn’t ran since the half and I was starting to feel like a lazy slug!  My plan was to run 3.1 miles after work.  So, I had a midafternoon snack of popcorn (ha) and then after work, I changed into my gear.  It was a beautiful day – 57 degrees and sunny.  I went outside and turned on my Garmin and immediately it beeped – low battery.  Awesome. 

I took off and decided that I was going to run the whole distance and try to do so without looking at my watch.  At mile 1, it beeped.  11:01 – I was very, very happy with that!  It had been a while since I ran a mile straight, because while training I was doing the galloway 4:1 method.  Right after that mile beep, the Garmin beeped again.  Dead.  Not awesome.  Immediately I thought, “Okay, fine.  I’ve done a mile, that’s a start and good enough for today.” 

Yep, I stopped after a mile.  The loop I was doing went around my house, so I wasn’t far from home at all.  So, I headed back home and changed back into normal clothes for dinner.  I was on a time crunch anyways and so it kind of just worked out. 

So, a mile at 11:01.  I’ll take it, for now.  This weekend is a different story.  🙂 The Garmin WILL be charged and ready!


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