Soaring Wings Half Marathon Recap

Saturday morning we woke up at 5:30am and started getting ready for the half.  Everything was going smoothly, except hubs woke up with a migraine.  It was awful and we didn’t know if he’d get to run his first half.  But, he was stubborn and determined – so he ran!  With that throwing a wrench into our morning, we forgot to body glide and put moleskin on our feet.  Whoops.  We were also running late.  We got to the race about 10 minutes before 8am.  😀

Once there, our friend Superman found us.  We started off the first .25 miles with him, before he flew off.  Here we are at the start.  Please ignore my arms.  I have a bad habit of acting like T-Rex.

I was doing the 4:1 run/walk method and hubs was going to run until he needed to walk (which was 9 miles, btw).  We ran side by side until my first walk break and then I was able to see him until around mile 4.  Then, he became out of sight.  But, I was totally okay with that – I wanted him to be speedy so he’d be happy with his time.

Around mile 5 I saw my dad.  That made me all teary eyed.  My dad has always been there for me and it was awesome that he came to watch me run my 3rd Half (he’s been to all of them).  I gave him a high five and he asked where hubs was.  I pointed in front of me, as to say he’s ahead somewhere.

I saw my dad at mile 9 again.  He took this picture of me – I was still feeling pretty good and had some energy going.  The picture was taken with his phone, but in case you can’t tell, I’m giving my dad a thumbs up.

I saw some Tri Sigmas at mile 10.  I was (still am?) a Tri Sigma in college, and when I passed these girls, I yelled “I’m a Tri Sig, too!” and they cheered big time.  It gave me a little jolt of energy and made me smile.  It was just awesome.

Around mile 11.5, I became really tired and was just ready to finish.  I knew I could make my goal of 2:45, but I was just exhausted.  Nothing hurt though, just sooo tired.  Anyways, I ran/walked as fast as my TIRED body would go and then saw my dad at mile 13.  He said, “You’re almost done!” and I yelled back “I’m ready to be done!”  Then, I saw hubs who tried to give me a Snickers bar and I said “Yuck, no!” LOL

Here I am at Mile 13. 

I finished in 2:47 – 2 minutes from my goal time.  Even though I didn’t make my goal, I was SO happy, because for the first time – NOTHING hurt!!!  I was just exhausted.  Hubs finished in 2:32 and was a little shakey, but after eating 2 Snicker bars, he was fine.  He didn’t take any GU or anything during the half. 

And last but not least, here are my splits.  My goal was to keep a 12:30 pace.  I was close most miles…

11:47  1
11:50  2
12:35  3 – GU
12:48  4 – Major hill
12:25  5
12:47  6 – GU
12:49  7
12:47  8
12:21  9 – GU
13:18 10
12:46 11
13:31 12 – Major hill
12:42 13
11:44 .1


8 thoughts on “Soaring Wings Half Marathon Recap

  1. Way to go!! My BFF from real life was telling me all about her first 1/2 last night – these stories are so inspiring! I Totally want to train for one post-baby. Good job!

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