Friday Randoms

  • I’ve ran once this week.  It was 4 miles and on Monday.  Hubs and I have an 8 miler tomorrow morning and we’re running it with the group in Conway.  I’m hoping and praying it goes well, considering I’ve slacked all week.  I’ve reached half marathon training burnout.  I don’t know how people who train for marathons do it – seriously.
  • I told hubs last night that I only want to come home and relax after work.  I’m totally okay with running on the weekends, but running during the week just bites the big one right now.
  • Grey’s totally made it’s come back (in my book) last night.  Much better than their opener last week.  But McDreamy?  You’re still being such a jerk.  Get over it already.  Everything worked out for the better anywho, sheesh! I’m watching Private Practice tonight after work – can.not.wait!
  • Last but not least, what K cups do y’all LOVE?  My parents bought me a Keurig and I’ve been trying different flavors, but with there being so many out there, I need to know what y’all thing are the best!
  • Cheers to the weekend!

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