New Age Pen Pals?

I was talking to a coworker about how I’ve become addicted to Twitter.  He said he never really got into it and that got me to thinking.  Why am I addicted??

You see, in middle school (maybe jr high?) we had an assignment in our english class.  You picked a city and state and you sent the middle school there a letter asking for a pen pal.  You then had to correspond with said pen pal a few times and then tell the class about your writing partner.  I loved this!  I’ve always been shy around new people in person, but had no problem writing back and forth with them. 

So, that’s how this whole pen pal thing started.  I wrote to a girl who lives in PA for about 5 years.  I’ve never met her, but we’re friends on Facebook now.  To be honest, she’s quite weird but seemed totally normal on paper.  LOL  Anywho, this one pen pal grew into multiple pen pals.  Whenever I’d want a new one, I’d just pick a city and state and send a letter.  It always worked and I guess I never sounded like a creepy stalker (because right now, I totally feel like one). 

I even wrote to a guy in Africa once who sent me a piece of cloth to show me what his clothes were made out of.  I wrote to a girl somewhere over seas, too (I wanna say somewhere like Germany, but can’t remember.  Her english wasn’t that great.)  We’d all exchange pictures and I still have every single one of them in an album. 

So, I guess since I’m too old to have a pen pal and people don’t really do that anymore, ya’ll are kinda like my new age pen pals.  😀  I wonder what a school would do now if some kid wrote asking for a pen pal??


4 thoughts on “New Age Pen Pals?

  1. Hahaha. It’s funny that you can now look them up on facebook and such. It was so NOT stalkerish back then. Strange… And I’m sure the one girl was normal but you know how some people become unnormal as they grow up…

    As for kids today – I think they probably do email pals.

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