Tuesday Tidbits

  • I turn 30 next Tuesday.  30.  Um, commence freak out.
  • I tried the Salted Caramel Mocha today from Starbucks.  One word? YUM.  Three words?  New Favorite Drink
  • Last night the hubs got home from work late – think 7pm.  We had 2-3 miles planned last night for training.  Well, after we had dinner and all it was close to 8pm.  I felt bad for not running espec since I’ll be skipping tonight to go to school.  So, hubs challenged me.  After eating 2 tacos and a choc chip cookie, he dared me to go run 2 miles.  I can’t pass up a dare.  So, I went and ran 2 miles on a very full stomach.  The kicker?  I was doing awesome until a dog scared the daylights out of me.  The first mile ended up being 13 something, because I had to walk so that the dog would quit chasing me… Once I lost the dog, my second mile was 12:10 – not too shabby considering I felt like barfing.  I won the bet!  He said I couldn’t do the 2 miles & that I couldn’t do it under 26 minutes.  Um, I WIN!
  • I’m off work tomorrow because I have to work this Saturday.  My mom and grandma are coming to see me.  I’m pretty excited since my mom hasn’t seen our house yet.  Plus, that means I’m moving my long run from Saturday morn to tomorrow.  Yay & Yikes.  😀

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits

  1. lilmisssweetie says:

    I’m totally with you on the freaking about 30… I turn in January. The way I see it, neither of us LOOK 30 so we can easily lie, or omit, about our age!

    Happy birthday!!!!!

  2. That’s, right, I remember now that you share a birthday with my daughter, Chloe, who will be 7 on the 20th. Can’t believe that as much as you probably can’t believe you are going to be 30.

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