Friday Five

  1. Last night’s 4 miler sucked.  I sent out a plea on FB asking for motivation.  It didn’t help.  I dreaded that run all day and when I started that run my heart just wasn’t in it.  At about a mile in, I told hubs to go on without me.  He did the best he’s ever done and I walked most of the last 3 miles because I just didn’t care. 
  2. Tomorrow morning we’ve got a 6 miler on the schedule.  I’m going to go run with the group in Conway and hubs will stay here and run by himself.  I wish he’d run with the group with me, but he doesn’t want to.  I need the group as motivation – I do SO much better with the group.
  3. Hub’s work is having a cookout for the most of the day today.  He’s enjoying “tailgating” and having hotdogs, chips, and cokes while I’m stuck at work, working.  So, I treated myself to a treat – Chic-fil-a.  One breaded sandwich, medium fry, and large sweet tea later and I’ve consumed 1040 calories.  LOL  Good thing I don’t eat there often!  The last time was in July.
  4. Hubs just texted me that he’s sitting in my chair at his tailgating party at work.  Booo.  Just booooooo!  It’s beautiful outside. 
  5. And last but not least… I got lost trying to find Chic-fil-a on lunch.  It’s semi-new.  It’s been open for about 5 months?? Maybe?  And I knew I had seen it before, but couldn’t for the life of me remember where.  I googled it on my phone and attempted to follow the driving directions….I was .7 miles away from it.  How hard could it be?  Um, 15 minutes later I found it.  Ha!

2 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. I would love to be tailgating today! I hate those runs that you just aren’t feeling, and instead of getting into it once you get going, it just gets worse. I hope you have a good 6 tomorrow! And I definitely agree on the group runs. I have been going with the LR marathon training group. They run every Saturday morning at 6:00, starting in different places in LR, NLR and Maumelle.

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