I need ya’lls help…

We moved into our new house in June.  This was the first house that we purchased as a couple – hubs owned the prior house before he even met me.  We’ve been married for a lil over 3 years now.  We just recently were able to unbox most of our wedding presents since most was kitchen items that we had no storage for before.


My stepmother wants to throw us a house warming party.  My thoughts?  I don’t want to do it.  We’re 30 and have great jobs – I feel we’re a little too old for a housewarming party.  I feel as if it’s something you do in your mid twenties when you’re just starting out.  Maybe I’m wrong?? 

What are ya’lls thoughts?  We seriously have everything we need besides a few misc things and some decor items that we’d need to pick out ourselves (honestly, we’re “less is more” people and don’t care right now). 

House Warming Party or No?


5 thoughts on “Advice/Opinion

  1. I was also going to suggest a “house warming” party where te guests bring a dish, but I also like the wine idea!! 😉 you can stress the “don’t bring a gift” – tho some people may still feel compelled to give a gift card or something.

  2. Gerri says:

    THe dish idea is good…or maybe have the guests bring recipes…or if they feel compelled to give something, what if you asked them to donate to a favorite charity/organization??

  3. I think it’s fine but to have it as a “first get-together at the new place” party instead of housewarming so people don’t feel obligated to bring gifts. Make it more of a celebration of the new house.

  4. You could either have a Stock the Bar party for people to, um, obviously, stock the bar, OR you could have a traditional house-warming/celebration party and simply put in small letters at the bottom of the invite, “Please, no gifts” or “Please, no gifts, your presence is present enough” (Hahaha, that last one cracked me up… which is sad – I’m laughing at my own jokes.) 🙂

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