I Lurrrvvve Laughing Gas

I went to the dentist yesterday afternoon to have my cavity filled.  The assistant asked me if I wanted the “Laughing Gas.”  I told her that I hadn’t had it before and that I’d be fine.  Well, right before they started I changed my mind and decided to give it a try.  So, she put the mask on me and within 5 minutes I was feeling great!

Seriously, I loved the stuff.  I didn’t care what they were doing to me – I was relaxed.  Here’s a little of what went through my head:

Is my mouth still open?  Hm, guess it is.  Where is my tongue?  I have no idea where my tongue is.  I wonder if it’s in their way?  Surely they’d tell me.  Hmm, she’s been drilling a long time.  Eh, I don’t care.  At this point, she could take my appendix and I’d be fine.  I wish I could see Judge Judy on the tv screen; this stupid mask is in the way.  Oh well, it’s making me happy…….

As you can tell, I lurrrvved the laughing gas – SO worth the $40!

Happy 3 day weekend my friends!


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