3 Things Thursday

  1. This week has been LONG.  I’ve woken up each day wondering if I really had to go into work that day.  Ugh.  I hate weeks like that! 🙂 So, Friday afternoon please hurry up!
  2. Class starts next Tuesday and it’s Accounting….um, ew! ha!  I’m not any good with finance or accounting…so this shall be fun!
  3. Andddddd, remember how I sold my first item on eBay last week?  (I know, you’re tired of hearing about eBay.) Well, the dang tracking information hasn’t updated and I’m getting kinda worried!  It’s suppose to get there today and the tracking info hasn’t updated since the day that I shipped it.  I’ve sold another item and it’s tracking info has updated….. ah, shipping….

3 thoughts on “3 Things Thursday

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