Running with a Camelbak

Random tidbit..

We purchased a new recliner earlier this month because the one we originally purchased was “too small” for the hubs.  The new recliner came in last week.. Now we have his & hers recliners. ha!  Obviously, mine is the one on the left, while his is the one on the right. 

Last night’s training run called for 3.5 miles.  I decided to go 4 miles since there’s a loop around the house that is that distance and I had missed Monday’s run.  Well, I knew I would need water for this run since it was VERY humid, so I gave the Camelbak a try.  Ya’ll I’m not gonna lie.  It was a little “off” having that bag bounce like it did the first mile.  It slowed me down some because I was messing with it.  But once I got the straps adjusted so that it wouldn’t move – it was alright! 

I think the Camelbak just isn’t for cycling anymore – it’s now for running too!  I wish I could report how “great” my run went, but it pretty much sucked.  It was humid & dark – I waited too long to leave.  My heart just wasn’t in it.  Oh well, I finished the run and was SOAKED with sweat!

Random tidbit from the run… I ran into a deer.  Seriously, I thought it was a dog at first, then I got closer and she raised her head up and stared at me.  I was all of 5 feet from her and told her to “shoo” but she just looked at me and stayed there flicking her ears.  Finally, after enough “shoo-ing” she walked off!  I could just see the deer karate chop me like they do on “When Animals Attack.”  ha!


5 thoughts on “Running with a Camelbak

  1. I like your deer story. I think I stomp around too much and scare all the deer away when I run.

    Glad the Camelbak is working for you.

    And I love your recliner. I like a nice recliner or an armchair.

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