eBay Addict

It’s been confirmed.  I’m an eBay addict.  So far, I’ve bought two pair of jeans.  I’ve also sold a bike rack and a Victoria Secret tote bag for a grand total of $105 (together).  I’ve got two items listed right now – a book and another VS Tote Bag.  The tote bag is up to $15 so far.  🙂  I love this stuff!

On a completely random note… I missed my 2 miler last night due to storms.  So, I was thinking of getting up at 5am to get that in.  Um, it’s completely pitch black dark at 5am – so that didn’t happen.  Oh wells.

And one other random for ya… Look at the size of that grape!  This picture doesn’t exactly do it justice, but the sucker is HUGE!  I’m kind of afraid to eat it! ha!


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