Great Weekend!

You know those weekends where everything just flows right and you think to yourself, “ah, this is the life!”  Well, this was one of those weekends.  Let’s use bullets!

  • Our dog’s paw is mostly healed.  No idea what was wrong with it.
  • I jogged 4 miles Saturday morning.  56:31/14:07 pace.  It was SO humid, because we had a big storm the night before, but those miles are done!
  • I won my eBay bid on some Silver Jeans for $21.60 (normally $78)!  Um, SCORE!  I can’t wait to see if they actually fit!  They should since they’re the exact style and fit of the other ones in my closet.
  • We went exploring on our road bikes.  12.25 miles in one hour.
  • We baked chocolate chip cookies.  Mmmm!
  • And I finally finished The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson!  I’ve started on the 2nd book.  🙂

So, how was y’alls weekend?


5 thoughts on “Great Weekend!

  1. I love eBaying… it can be quite a rush. I have to make myself NOT look at stuff because I get a little too addicted to winning bids.

    Dragon Tattoo was good… I finished the second book and never got the third. Not sure why….

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