3 Things Thursday

  1. Class was let out at 6:10pm (10 minutes after it started) and now I’m officially finished with summer school!  Fingers cross for an A.
  2. I’m so excited to have some spare time before school starts again on the 30th.  I’ve picked up The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo again – I’m half way through it so far.  I’ve also scheduled a dentist appointment with a new dentist – this says a lot.  I hate getting my teeth cleaned!  But it’s needed and I have the time now to go after work. 🙂
  3. Our golden retriever has a hurt paw and has an appointment with the vet Saturday morning.  Fingers crossed it’s nothing serious.



3 thoughts on “3 Things Thursday

  1. I’m almost done with summer school….it wears me down majorly. I’m weird and LOVE going to the dentist. I’d go more than every 6 months if insurance covered it (yeah, cause I’m cheap). I hope the puppy is okay, I hate it when they are hurt.

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