A few random things for your Wednesday.  You’re Welcome.  🙂

  1. I am not this girl.  Here’s the short story.  I had a glorious Snickers on the table & I knew I needed to do a short run.  I thought, why not try it?  Plus, I wanted to eat the dang Snickers!  So, I devoured it & went for a run about 30 minutes later.  No bueno.  I should’ve waited longer.
  2. Tonight is my last night for my summer course!  Only thing left to do is write a short paper during lunch!  SCORE!  I have my fingers crossed that he’ll take our papers and give us the boot! 
  3. I’m REALLY looking forward to Saturday morning.  It’s the half marathon’s training group’s first “long” run.  Yeah, it’s only 4 miles.  But I’m excited because I love running with this group and now I live in a different town.  So, I’ll only be joining them on Saturday mornings.  I can not wait!

And, that is all.  Have a great Wednesday!




One thought on “Done!

  1. I need more time between snack and run as well! Especially if it is a sugar rush snack. Funny, I ate a Snicker for the first time in a couple years the other week and it was SO GOOD.

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