Weekend Review

My neice and I 08/07/2011

This weekend was a really laid back weekend.  I did a little bit of shopping, had some family over, did a ton of homework, went and saw my neice, and ran my 4 miles.

Excuse my shiny forehead in the above picture.  Gotta love shiny faces.  My sister took that picture with my phone – it’s all I’ve got from this weekend.

About those 4 miles…

I got up Saturday morning and had 2 miles in before it was completely and totally miserable.  I should’ve started earlier.  So, I stopped after 2 miles.  Then, Sunday night, I ran the other 2 miles.  That counts as 4, right?  To be honest, I’m sore.  That tells you that I haven’t ran in forever.  It was hard, but I made it through it. 
Tonight’s training plan calls for a simple 2 mile run.  Hopefully, if all goes well, I’ll be home in time to run those before going to bed.  I have class tonight and we’re all doing our presentations, so there’s no telling when we’ll get out. 



3 thoughts on “Weekend Review

  1. The heat makes it really hard to run! I have been getting up so early this summer to get my runs in. The times that I have overslept, I’ve just ended up postponing my runs.*

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