3 Things Thursday

  1. Our house looks like a box factory threw up in it.  The Lowe’s installation guy is coming this morning to install our new door and frame.  Tomorrow night we do our final walk-through on the new house AND the buyers will be doing the walk-through on our current house.  This means we have major cleaning to do tonight.  Who decided having a walk-through after we’ve started packing was a good idea??
  2. We went last night and looked at furniture again.  We found a bedroom suite that we really like.  I think we’ll make it ours next week.  We’re 99.9% set on that one.  I’ll take pictures.  Btw, I’ll be taking pictures of EVERYTHING – LOL!
  3. I’m on vacation next week – moving.  So, I wont be online more than likely.  Which means, no blog posts or pictures or anything from me next week.  Our internet is suppose to be installed on Tuesday, but we’ll see.  Plus, I’ll kinda be busy unpacking! ha! 

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