Mumbo Jumbo

For my own amusement on a boring Saturday at work…..

Where is your cell phone?  On a box that contains a DSL modem and some filters.

Your hair?  Straight and shiny.  I’m having a good hair day.

Your father?  Is turkey hunting in the woods right now.

Your mother?  Getting the Ham ready for her Easter celebration today.

Your favorite thing?   Do I have to pick just one?  Well, my CURRENT favorite is my Diet Mtn Dew that is giving me energy this morning.

Your dream last night?   Insane.  I had a dream that some chick was trying to steal my room at the tanning salon.  Crazy much?

Your favorite drink?   Let’s go with Sonic’s Vanilla Coke Zero.

Your dream goal?   To have a long, happy marriage and at least one, healthy child.  And to live happily ever after.

The room you are in?  Cubicle heaven at work.

Your fear?  That our house wont sell soon and we’ll “lose” the house we have our eye on.

Where do you want to be in 6 years?  Raising a healthy, happy little family.  Running super fast half marathons and have a Master’s Degree.

Muffins?  Not unless their blueberry.

One of wish list items?   I kinda want an iPad.  I’m not sure why.

Where did you grow up?   Conway, AR

The last thing you did?   Tried to find some orders to work while at work…

What you are wearing?  5k Race shirt and jeans.

Your t.v.?    Is flat and big.  My husband knows the size; I do not.

Your pets?   Are probably sleeping.  Lucky dogs.

Your computer?   Which one?  We only have like 5 between us….

Your life?   Hectic, but I wouldn’t change it.

Your mood?   Good.  That’s really all anyone can ask for.  🙂

Missing someone? I miss some people during different times.

Your car?   Is currently an 09 Tahoe, but if gas prices get closer to $4/gallon, that tank will be traded in for an Accord.  Mark my words.

Favorite store?   Target?

Your favorite color?   Bright Blue.

When is the last time you laughed?  Last night maybe??

Last time you cried?   I teared up this morning.  My friend had a full term stillbirth 3 years ago today.

Three people who email you?  Are mostly just trying to get me to buy things.

Three of my favorite foods? Chocolate, Mexican, and Pickles.

Three places I would rather be right now?  Home… A warm, sunny beach…. Running in a humidity less, scenic wonderland

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3 thoughts on “Mumbo Jumbo

  1. Cubicle town, my favorite place to be… I mean… 🙂 If your dream house "goes" it just wasn't meant to be. It's hard, but don't get attached to a house! (I'm not good at that myself)

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