5 Things Friday

  1. Hectic.  That word pretty much explains my life right now.  My work life has been pretty hectic.  We’re so busy that I feel rushed all day.  Plus, almost my entire group as switched desks, myself included.  Then we have school…. I’ll be a happy girl when this semester ends!
  2. It’s rained every single day this week.  I seriously don’t know how those Washington people do it.  (Isn’t it Washington state that rains more days than not?)  Plus, I’m tired of the threat of tornadoes.  Those things are just scary!
  3. I painted my nails.  Ya’ll, I haven’t painted my nails in at least 2 years.  It feels funny and I’m not used to it, but I like it!  They’re Got Style? -Nicole by OPI. 
  4. I have no idea what are Easter plans are.  You have to see your husband for more than .25 seconds a day in order to find that out….  Busy, much?
  5. I’m so PUMPED about next Saturday and doing a 5k with my dad!

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