3 Things Thursday

  1. Apparently there were 3 couples that were going to make an offer on our house last week.  We’ve had zero offers thus far and have given up hope.  I just want to see one of these….

  1. We are still doing the Paleo Diet and things are going well.  It’s pretty easy to stick to, but we’re not taking it 100%.  We like to eat out from time to time and that’s really just “our thing.”  Basically, we’ve decided to do it 85/15.  We’ll eat Paleo 85% of the time and the other 15% we do our own thing – whatever that might be.  Of course, eating this way has stopped me from seeing any more weight loss, but to be honest, I only have 5lbs to lose to get to my happy-number-on-the-scale.  I really need to be running and biking more to see the results I want in the mirror. 
  2. Which brings me to this… It’s the end of the semester.  I’m starting to feel the crunch.  I have a case study, presentation, homework, and then a final.  Um, I’m going crazy.  And who talked me into taking a summer course?!?!?      
*And I know my number is off and I can fix it…but my lunch is over in 2 seconds and I have to go to training…. sigh.
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5 thoughts on “3 Things Thursday

  1. sorry to hear about the house 😦 i'll keep my fingers crossed for you that an offer comes in real soon!! don't go crazy 😉 stay focused.

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