Photo Friday

Please forgive the layout on this post.  Blogger has gone crazy.
This was yesterday’s breakfast, lunch, and snacks.  Only thing not pictures is my salad I had at lunch.  I had eggs and a banana for breakfast.  An orange for a mid morning snack.  Meat and a salad for lunch.  Strawberries and grapes for snack.  I didn’t eat my other orange.  I know it looks like a lot of fruit, not to worry, I eat a ton of veggies with my dinner.  I like to snack on fruit during the day.  :)

Look at how big my strawberries were!  They were huge! 

Remember how I was so excited to get my run in yesterday?  Well, that didn’t happen.  It was 46* and rainy when it was time to run.  I’ll run in the rain, I’ll run when it’s chilly, but I will not run in the cold rain.  So, instead, I’ll be running tomorrow and maybe even Sunday.  I’ve gotta get my biking in there too this weekend.  This weekend will be busy with lots of outdoor activities!  It’s suppose to be sunny and warm all weekend!  My idea of PERFECT!

Oh and one last thing… Grey’s last night SUCKED!!!!  Please, for the love of great tv, do NOT do another one of those singing episodes again!  It was horrible! 

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7 thoughts on “Photo Friday

  1. Could NOT AGREE MORE about Grey's!! I am SUCH a huge fan and I just could not STAND that singing!!! SO CHEESY!!! Why did they do that?!?!?! And on another note—-I am teaching spin class at the gym on Tuesday nights (Every other Tuesday)…and I think I'm gonna do a weight training class soon, too…on another night. I'd LOVE to see you! I know you have class some nights…but maybe this summer?!?!? 🙂

  2. LOL, for some reason I actually LIKED Grey's, though I guess I'm the only one. 😉 I love music… it was a little bizarre, but I didn't think it was bad! That scene in the end with Meredith & Derek in the elevator made me bawl though. UGH. The universe is a confusing thing.

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