Finally, it’s FRIDAY!!

Once again, we have a busy weekend upon us!  🙂

Last night our running group did 2.5 miles.  I started off really well – 11:45 pace for the first mile.  I felt really good at that pace and I could’ve pushed it more.  But after that mile, it’s like all the energy was sucked right out of me by aliens.  LOL  I think it was the heat.  I know, I know, it’s not even the summer yet.  But stick with me… Monday night it was 45-48degrees.  Last night it was 81 degrees.  It’s gonna take my body a little bit to get back used to the warmer temps.   I know I’ll get back used to it.  I also need to remember to hydrate better.  I need to start chugging some more water during the day, because I sweat a ton out there running!

Anyways, 2.5 miles in 31:39.  That’s not my best, but it’s not my worst.  So, I’ll take it for now.  It’s improvement from last week!

Happy Friday!

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