Week 3

Beginning Weight:   145lbs.
Week 1 Weigh-In:  142.8lbs.
Week 2 Weigh-In:  144.4lbs.
Week 3 Weigh-In:  142.4lbs.

Woohoo!  Finally, we are seeing some weight loss!  🙂 

I made a lot of conscious efforts this last week.  We did still eat out a few times, but I refrained from some foods and made a few better options.  For example, when we went out for Mexican food Sunday evening (while getting lost house hunting), I didn’t have my usual huge burrito covered in cheese dip and then with chips and cheese dip as an appetizer.  Instead, I had the soft tacos and chips with salsa as an appetizer.  I know, it still wasn’t the best – but I enjoyed my dinner, didn’t over eat, and didn’t cover everything in cheese dip.  🙂

There were other efforts put forth this last week, too.  Avoiding certain treats and exercising much more than I have in the previous weeks! 

Let’s see what this next week brings!

How did ya’ll do??

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