Our House Is For Sale…Again!

On Monday our house went on the market officially – again!

Here’s a refresher of what our house looks like…

The front of the house – yes, everything is dead. LOL  It’s winter, folks!
 The Living Room
 Our Eating Spot.
 Our Master Bedroom.
 This is how the living room used to look.  I changed out the pillows, added a blanket, and made him keep the curtains shut!
 Our old master… I changed out the bedding, curtains, and curtain rods.  I love the new decor!

That’s just a few of the pictures.  The realtor took 14 pictures, but those are just your standard kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, backyard, etc pictures.  Our house is 3 bedroom and 2 bath.  So, if you’re looking for a clean, freshly painted, starter home in Central Arkansas…. email me! ha!  No, but seriously, we want to move asap 🙂  Send the quick home selling vibes our way please!

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