Join Me!

We all have a few pounds we’d like to lose, right?  I know I do.  So, this week I started eating better and exercising on a regular basis.  I’m trying to get back on the fit train, so to speak.  Once a week, I’m going to share my weigh-in.  I’m not going to measure or take before/after pictures, even though I know I should.  It seems when I do those things, I get stressed out and quit.  I know the scale wont move after a certain point and I’ll see the biggest difference in how things fit.  But, humor me.  I’m a numbers girl 🙂

So, let’s begin with this week:

Beginning Weight:   145lbs.
Today’s Weigh-In:  142.8lbs.

So, there you have it – my weigh-in.  Every Thursday, I’ll post my numbers – good or bad.  I have a goal in mind (although I’m not ready to share it) and I’d love it if ya’ll would jump on the fit train with me! 

On a side note, I’ve started training for something that is NOT running related!  I’m so excited (and nervous!!!!) and I’ll share that with you all next week!

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7 thoughts on “Join Me!

  1. I can't wait to here what your news is about what you're training for! (o: I'm not sure if I can post numbers just yet, maybe someday I'll be that brave. But I do post from time to time where I stand with it all. I might stick with that a while before I advertise my weight. I applaud and admire your vulnerability. Way to go girl!

  2. I'm guessing mini-runners 😉 Did you lose that in one week? We can't be friends if that's the case lol. I am working on losing 3.8 for January and I have about 1.8 left to go. I got sidetracked for a week, but am still on track at least.

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