The Small Things

Today is going to be a great day because of the small things.  Like….

  • Finding my textbook on Amazon Prime for WAY cheaper than the bookstore, plus 2 day free shipping, plus the book is new instead of used!  For those who don’t know, Amazon Prime has a little bit lower prices than Amazon and has free shipping (sometimes 2 day) for most items.  Most people have to pay a yearly fee for Amazon Prime, but it’s free to students.  Just tie your school email address to your Amazon account and wah-la!  You’re Welcome! ha!
  • The other day a coworker had nachos from Cactus Jack’s in the office and they smelled wonderful.  Well, today a coworker and I are going to eat there for lunch!  I rarely eat out for lunch!
  • Today is payday!  That’s always a good thing! ha!
  • The last book in The Hunger Games series should be on my doorstep sometime today!
  • And, the hubs and I might go watch a movie tonight!!!  We never ever go see movies in the theatre!

Happy Friday, Friends!  Enjoy the small things!

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3 thoughts on “The Small Things

  1. Thanks for the info. about Amazon Prime. Mike and I both just signed up. Textbook shopping, here we come! Who says you can't learn anything from blogging and reading others' blogs?

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