2011 Resolutions

I’m a little late on the resolutions train…

So, without further ado, here are my 2011 Resolutions:

  • Read 12 books for fun.
  • Become pregnant.  (We’ve been trying for over a year now.)
  • Sell our house and move.
  • Pay off remaining debt (besides the vehicles and house).
  • If not pregnant, set a new 5k PR.  Possibly train for another half marathon.
  • Make A’s in my grad school classes.
  • Don’t take each day for granted – try to find something special in each day.

I’d like to add that I’ve already started on the first goal – I finished a book this weekend and ALMOST finished a second.  Why didn’t anyone tell me that The Hunger Games were so addictive and awesome?!

P.S.  Yesterday my Dad turned 50!  I love that man!  I believe we’re going to celebrate it this coming weekend!  (Yes, my family celebrates birthdays a little late, ha.)

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9 thoughts on “2011 Resolutions

  1. Praying for you!!! I am hoping this is NOT the year for the 5K PR šŸ™‚ ha!!! We'll save that for 2012 and I'll be on the sideline cheering with your baby jogger!!!! Seriously, though…..May God bless you abundantly this year!!!

  2. I love your resolutions. Yours are always down to earth and realistic. I appreciate that instead of reading about someone super lofty goals that are way out of reach. I'll keep sending prayers and good vibes your way for the baby front. That will be one of my resolutions for 2012. I have all the Hunger Games books and can't wait to start reading them, but I know that I will become super addicted and not get anything else accomplished!

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