Howdy, Ya’ll!

We had a very nice Christmas, but instead of sharing with you all the details that ya’ll don’t really care for, let me share a few things that I thought were funny.

  • We played Taboo several  nights and on one occasion my St Louis cousin was trying to get us to say, “Howdy.”  Well, he said “Something ya’ll say alot here in the South.”  Umm, people in Arkansas don’t say Howdy.  LOL  We say Ya’ll alot, but not Howdy!
  • Our St Louis family brought with them their foreign exchange student.  She’s about 16 and from Thailand.  I guess they don’t really celebrate Christmas in Thailand, because she kept asking when everything was going to return to normal.  LOL
  • My family was tired of leftovers, so what did we pick up?  Chester’s Fried Chicken!!!  Nothing says Christmas celebration like fried chicken, right?  Ya’ll would seriously laugh if you saw the location.  Just picture a small, 1 teller bank turned into a chicken place.  Yep.  That’s the place!  🙂

I hope ya’ll had a great Christmas!

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